How long does it take to make each Timid Monster?

Most Monsters are sculpted in 15-45 minutes and then baked for 25 minutes.


Who would like these?

Timid Monsters are handmade from clay and are breakable, which results in small parts. But I know that some children are very good about collecting things. I was one of those kids. If you are an adult planning to buy for kids, use common sense.But to really answer the question, I have found that a very wide range of people enjoy Timid Monsters. From children and teens, to 20somethings, empty nesters and leather-clad motorcyclists.


{Name} is on your website, but I can’t find {Name} on Etsy! POOORQUEEE?!?

I am the first to admit that I’m rather rubbish about making sure everything I have in stock is always super-posted on Etsy. So if you see something here that you don’t see there, or if you are interested in multiples, please send me either an email or an Etsy conversation, and I’ll get it posted for you if it is in stock! Most of the time it is good news and things are actually still in stock, but once in a while there might be bad news. Often, actual production takes priority over my internet editing and I fall a little behind.

The main exception is One of a Kinds. If they are available, they ARE posted on Etsy. Otherwise they’ve been sold already.


Why don’t you sell mini Timid Monsters online?

First, when I make minis, I usually make them with bits of whatever leftover clay I happen to have, and when they are finished, I toss them into a big bin, all mixed up like. This makes them very non-standard and hard to keep track of. Both facts lead to the second! Second! With the minis being non-standard and in one big jumbled pile, it is next to impossible for me to keep track of individual minis or even groups of them, which makes it hard to know what is posted and what I need to be mailing out.


I just bought {Name} and {OtherName}, but really just wanted two of {Name} (or some other thing I totes saw at an art/street fair), but I’m telling you after I ordered. That’s cool right?

Not really at all. I’d VERY* much prefer if you would send me either an email or an Etsy Conversation prior to your order to arrange this. I check my email literally a billion times a day and always respond quickly. So sending me a message won’t delay your order by very long. Most importantly by sending me a message first, you can find out if I even really have the other thing in stock. As Timid Monsters are in limited series, yes it might be sad, but sometimes I don’t have more than one left. This saves time and a fair amount of effort later when I have to tell you that I don’t actually have the other thing you were hoping to exchange for and now would you like a refund, to pick out something else, or just to receive the thing you bought.

Even if I do have it and you think no harm was done, this really messes with my records and fees in Etsy of what I have and have not sold, and I’d really appreciate a message first. So please do the courteous thing and send me a message prior to check-out. I promise I’m quick. (It also keeps me from screwing up your order!)

*all-caps, and bold, and italicized, and underlined. I REALLY meant it.


{Name} is sold out! Can you make one more for just me?

Sorry! Timid Monsters are part of signed and numbered series. Once a particular Timid Monster is sold out, that’s it. Even though one exception just this once might sound nice, that turns into a lot of just this onces and then the limited edition-ness of Timid Monsters isn’t really all that limited.


Can you make {Name} in these other colors?

While I can’t technically make <Name> different (because then it wouldn’t be <Name> at all), I can certainly make you a custom Timid Monster in the style of <Name>. There is more information about this under the questions about commissions.


Do you have a specific name?

When I first started making Timid Monsters in 2008, I thought it was funny that these queer little guys should have normal, but offbeat names like Norbert or Miriam or Gunther. Some Timid Monsters got pretty, really normal names simply because I thought that was what they looked like. This, however had unintended consequences. People started asking how I possibly couldn’t have a Mike or a Dave, and that wasn’t the point of Timid Monsters. They aren’t souvenir key chains or magnets. They are silly, little clay sculptures. So, for the past years or so, I’ve striven to name them nonsense–Brikki, Skom, Tab and Squirk. Though the occasional real name like Penelope and Nigel does sometimes still get picked.

Plus, all the popular names like Mike and Dave would have sold out of their series long ago.

This doesn’t answer the frequently asked question, though. The answer is either the Timid Monster will be on one of the Monster pages, or it doesn’t exist. Sometimes there are up to about five new Monsters not yet posted, but the new ones are trying not to have normal names. So the answer is most likely not if you don’t see it on the site.


Can you make me a specific name?

Sure. Why not? This would be a commissioned Timid Monster.


Do you take commissions? How much do they cost?

I do take commissions. Sometimes. When my schedule allows. Usually I will post that I’m currently taking commissions on my various social medias.

Because a custom Timid Monster is unique and one of a kind, they typically start at $40, are the bigger OoaK size, and come with custom, laminated story cards. More complex Monsters, can and will increase this base price.


How long does it take you to make a custom Monster?

Usually, I can finish a custom Timid Monster within a day or two. Some designs are more complex and take longer, however. It also depends on my schedule; I will always give you a completion estimate while discussing the order.