Timid Monsters

Timid Monsters are small, individually handmade clay sculptures. Most are made in sets of 15—though no molds are used in the making of these series—while others are one of a kind. Each Timid Monster comes with a bit of nonsense written about it printed on a small card.

I make Timid Monsters not only because the world is serious enough, but also because art should be accessible and affordable; everyone should be able to afford a bit of handmade.


  • Wheee! Timid Monsters will be at GenCon2017!
  • Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and gave Timid Monsters such a warm welcome at their first Colorado event: The Colorado Country Christmas Gift Show!
  • My 2016 events page is, per usual, a work in progress. And as always, if you can’t make it to any of the events, you can always find Timid Monsters in my Etsy shop!